Summary About Prof. Elnazeer Dafallah


As a result of his loyalty to this international learning institute- university of Khartoum-, he accepted many position that he were the right person at the right time to hold them. He started by being the first dean of the faculty of veterinary medicine (1958-1962). In which, simultaneously he was deputy vice chancellor of the university. Followed by, finally, being the vice chancellor.
While he was the vice chancellor he achieved many things:
•    Developing the departments of additional studies
•    Giving birth to the Institute of African and Asian Studies.
•    Building the main exam hall
•    Building the veterinary hospital
•    The university emblem
Then the university has to pay him back so many suggestions- which some of them had been accomplished- did appear:
•    Giving an academic prize after him.
•    Building a lecturing theatre and name it after him.
•    Professor chair after his name.


With more than 15 membership of global bodies as well as more than 10 medals and orders in which he gained during less than 20 years of his life. He set an example to each person who is pursuing knowledge just for the god and the country he belong to. These include:
•    FAO
•    Ghana university Senate.
•    Specialists in veterinary Medicine
•    International professors union
•    African universities union
•    International universities union
•    East African universities union

As all people from that era he had that wise and deep look over things which made them good politicians. He was the head of the round table conference in 1956 to work in the problem of southern Sudan. Then in 1972 he was awarded the position of head of the first parliament -to write the first Sudanese Constitution- as an apology from the government to a misunderstanding  which led to his expel from the university.