Summary About Faysal Tag Eldin Abushama


SUDANESE, From Sururab Village (North of Omdurman).
  • BSc (Iton.) in Zoology, Faculty of   Science, University of Khartoum, (1960).
  • MSc in Zoology, University of Khartoum (1962).
  • PhD in Zoology, London University (1965).
Appointed, teaching assistant, Lecturer, and Promoted to Senior Lecture, Reader and then Professor of Zoology in U of K (1977).
Teaching and Carrying out research in physiology behavior and ecology of desert  invertebrate .Taught more than thirty  courses in the field, and published more than Fifty research papers in refereed international journals, and wrote six scientific books.

Professionally affiliated to
The Royal Entomological Society of London Since 1963.
African Association for Insect Scientists, 1982.
British Animal Behaviouis Society, 1964.
Sudanese Society for Environmental Conservation, 1991.

Professionally and Academically  recognized, as being selected
Member of postgraduate Training Board for Entomologists in Africa, 1981.
Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal; J. Arid Env." 1980.
Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal "Ins. Sc. & App.", 1984.
Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal," Trop. Pest. Manag." 1985.
Elected "Man of the year" by American Biographical Institute, 1996.

Editor in chief of
Qatar University Science Journal. 1996.
•    Supervised about twenty MSc and Ph.D Students, who successfully obtained their degrees at Khartoum University and Kuwait University.
•    Seconded from U of K. to:
Kuwait University, 1974-78 and 1984-1989.
Qatar University 1995-2006 (on retirement).

Had an extensive administrative responsibilities, as
1970-73: Head of Dept. of Zoology, U of K.
1971- 74: Dean Faculty of Science, U of K.
1979- 80: Dean Graduate College, U of K.
1980- 84: Deputy Vice – Chancellor, U of K.
1986- 89: Head of Dept. of Zoology, Kuwait Univ.
1991-95: Director, Sudan National Center for Research.
2001-6: Head, Dept .of Biological Sciences, Qatar Univ.

Consultation Activities
Consultant to the Graduate College, Kuwait University for Assessment of MSc Program in Zoology, 1982.
ALESCO Consultant, on the establishment of an Arab Institute for graduate Studies and research, 1983.
Member of a team of African entomologists, Sponsored by ICEPE for the establishment of a postgraduate program in Entomology.

Academic Missions

Visited major Academic and Research Institutes in most countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, negotiating or signing academic agreements on behalf of U of K or NCR, or attending meetings and conferences, representing the Sudan.
Headed teams of experts for initiation and development of a number of Scientific and research projects.
Presented a number of public lectures in the areas of science, research and technology.
Now, I reflect on my experience, as to be of benefit, as a Scientific Consultant to the Sudan Academy of Sciences and the National Center for Research.