Summary About Prof.Yahia Mohamed Hassan

Graduation prizes

Two prizes were awarded to Professor Yahia Mohammed Hasan when he graduation 1962 from faculty of Faculty of Veterinary Science, University Collage of Khartoum- which means he was from the very first people who have joined the higher education in Sudan, that is he joind Gardon collage before it was transformed into a University-. The first one was for the best student. While the second one was Izz El-din Bakheit’s prize for the vacation work.

Contact with the real world

He started immediately after this honorable prerfomance at the collage- one month speration between graduation and receiving the job- in the ministry of Animal resources. Where he spent the next three years as a veterinary officer, then as an inspector. At that time he was as well as many of Sudanese personnel travelling around Sudan, where he had time in both Westerns and Southerns.

More than just paying back

As most of Sudanese people who have a lot of gratitude to the ones who gave them something, not to mention that this thing is knowledge and education. He gets back to where he started, University of Khartoum. This work which he started before even graduating – in year 1961- last untill 1973 where he was every now and then given a promotion untill he was promoted to the status of Professor for the chair of animal physiology.

Around the world

Europe, USA, Asia and his home land Africa where the places he had visited during his preoccupie life.  In spite of the cold war being active at the middle of the 20th century, it did not stop him from pursuing cognizance in Germany, Great Britain as well as Czechoslovakia from the other side. That is to teach us that learning has no boarders nor have any relationship with politics.

Is these were known at that time?!!

One of fields he led the way in was controlling the Anthrax and Radiology, Isotopes and nuclear science.  The first object ‘Anthrax’ famous as it is now due to the outbreak of the disease in durin WWII and  the first years of the 2000’s although this Bacteria was first discovered in the 1800’s.  Prof. Yahia M. H in 1953 started a control campaign againest it. While for the nuclear researches he started working in them after only 50 years of the start of study of this item.