Summary About Prof. Daoud Mustafa Khalid

10 August 1917

Professor Douad Mustafa was blessed by being born on a Friday on Aug.10th  1917. After elementary and intermediate school he attended the famous Gardon college  secondary school and went to specialize at  Kitchener School of Medicine graduating in 1935. During this time he gained a record number of prizes. This won him a scholarship to UK in 1950.


After becoming an academic

In 1951 Kitchener School of Medicine and the Gardon College were absorbed into the University of Khartoum. Professor Daoud was one of the first Sudanese to join this academic staff where he continued as the famous “ Father Of Medicine” until he died in 2006

After becoming a university

After it was a school it turned into a Faculty of Medicine when Gordon Collage was turned into the University of Khartoum. He was one of the firsts to join the staff where he remained until his death. During this period of time he held many positions as follows:
1.    1950’s part-time lecturer.
2.    1958 when he was appointed full-time Senior Lecturer.
3.    1963-1974replaced Professor HV Morgan as first Sudanese head  of Department of Medicine.
4.    1965 was promoted to the status of professor of medicine.
5.    1974-1975 was Dean of the Faculty
6.    1976 up to 2006 working as an internal medicine consultant and professor in Department of Medicine.



If you were in the faculty of medicine in 2000’s, you would watch a scene that will never be erased from your long term memory. That view of the whole faculty –including professors, students, doctors and workers- standing on their feet in one moment when they see a car coming through the front door of the collage. This car used to carry prof. Daoud Mustafa to his internal medicine department where he worked for more than four decades which is the internal medicine department. During this visit you could see all the people crowding to his office  just to have a look of inspiration and the one who is lucky enough will be the one who could have a few seconds handshaking with this great doctor.