Summary About Prof. Mohammed Hamad Satti

Post gradute Scholarship
Professor Mohammed Hamad Satti reserved no any effort in developing and advancing progress in the country and this can be seen clearly in his interest in the next generation, whom for he had paid all the necessary care to send them to complete their higher studies where he began this work since the receipt of laboratory uses the National Health Laboratory Research in 1963 and then completed on the same approach by sending others in a missions to learn Medical Sciences for human and animal. The final group was sent to specialize in the laboratory sciences the United Kingdom.
Between north, center and the east
This professor spent the greater part of his life in the capital, where he had worked for institutions, health services and researches. These took the most of his life parts. Except what was in the beginnings of his education where he had his first school years in Northern State and then came to the state of Khartoum to continue his successes, and then enlighten the city of Port Sudan during the houseman-ship period spent. Then complete the beginnings of medical in the Eastern States, and specifically in the cities of Singa and Gedaref. After which he returned to Khartoum from where he went to Algazeera and finally went to Sinnar and ended up in Khartoum, again to establish many of the centers and institutes.
Proposed / contributed in projects
•     National Health Laboratory
•    Cancer Institute (Hospital Center and corn now)
•    A trail project to study and control of schistosomiasis
•    Council of Medical Research
•    Higher Council for Scientific Research
•    School of Tropical Medicine
•    Hospital of Tropical Medicine
•    Leishmania Laboratory

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